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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I list my RV with

A: When you list your RV with us:

  1. Your RV will appear on 12 websites - for one low price!
  2. All listings will remain active on all 12 websites- at no extra cost.
  3. Easy management of your rv classified ad to make changes when you want.
  4. Changes are made immediately to your classified ad.
  5. Upload up to 8 pictures.
  6. Library of articles about rv sales.
  7. Free shirt with a featured listing!

Q: How much is the listing price?

A: Indivdual listings are only $19, and featured listings are $34.

Q: What is a Featured Listing?

A: Featured Listings appear on the home page of both, and on the home page for the RV search section of

  1. Featured listings appear in groups of 4 in a random order for each of these pages every time the page is accessed.
  2. If your RV does not appear as one of the initial four listings, users can still view your listing by clicking on the "More Featured Listings" button.

Q: How much is a Dealer Listing price?

A: Dealers - please send us an e-mail at [email protected] so that we may set up a customized quote that fits your needs.

Q: Where will my ad be shown?

A: Your ad will be shown on

Q: How do I determine the price for my RV?

A: There are many sources of information for pricing you RV, such as wholesale and retail book guides, looking at other internet sites, and talking to RV dealers.

Q: Will you offer any advice on how to price my RV?

A: No, we do not currently offer any such service.

Q: How many pictures can I show of my RV?

A: You may feature up to 8 pictures of your RV.

Q: Which picture will be featured?

A: You will upload the pictures in the order for which you would like them to be displayed. Picture #1 is used as the main reference for your listing.

Q: How do I upload pictures?

A: In the Photo Gallery:

  1. Click the Browse button above to locate a picture on your computer that you wish to upload, then double-click on the picture (or the name of the picture).
  2. The file path to the picture should then be listed next to the Browse button above.
  3. Type in the description of the picture (if you want a description) in the description box above.
  4. Click the Submit button. The picture and the description for the picture should then be uploaded.

Q: May I change my pictures and/or descriptions after placing my listing?

A: Yes, you can login any time you wish to change your listing, including changing the pictures, descriptions, or selling price. You may not, however, add a different RV (a new listing is required in such circumstance).

Q: What picture formats are acceptable?

A: We accept pictures in jpg, jpeg, or gif formats.

Q: What size should my pictures be?

A: The space available for pictures is 175 pixels wide by 100 pixels long. If your picture is too big, it will be reduced to this size.

Q: What is the maximum file size for pictures?

A: Itís important that the file size be limited so that your pictures will load quickly. If pictures take too long to load, there is a tendency for users to go to the next listing. Therefore, pictures should not be more than 72 dpi (dots per inch) which is a standard size for web pictures.
Photo Tips

  1. HORIZONTAL ASPECT RATIO ARE PREFERRED (pictures that are wider than they are tall).
  2. Vertical pictures may in distortion. Please make sure to select the direction you would like to rotate the picture (if needed).
  3. Make sure that there is sufficient lighting inside the RV for inside photos.
  4. Only take pictures during the day, even for pictures of the inside of the RV.
  5. Minimize any background distractions, such as other vehicles, houses, etc.
Listing Tips
  1. Provide a detailed description of your RV, and include all information that you think a buyer would want to know. After completing your listing, try to look at it as a disinterested buyer might -- does it answer all of the questions that a buyer may want to know?
  2. Price your RV at market price if you want to sell quickly. Over-pricing does not work - it stops buyers that might otherwise be interested from contacting the seller.